random thoughts

MASH was good the first 50 times
Not so much after 50
Really not so much after 100
Not at all now

I don't get the need to watch something to the point of being able to quote the entire episode.   There's so much to watch, to read, to see and hear, why waste time on reruns?   Yes, I'm guilty of watching things more than once - Gone With the Wind is a good example - but not day after day.  After day.  After day.  After day.   And then again the next day.   


will this even publish anymore?
This has changed a lot since the last time I was here. Hmmmmmm. Nope, not comin back, not for good anyway. Just wanted to check this out.

Boy, I haven't posted here in ages. Things are so up and down in my life - it's amazing to me, I've tried to live my life without hurting anyone, I've tried to treat people as I want them to treat me, I've tried to be honest and upright. And still there are people who hate that I breathe. I don't understand them, and I've given up trying to. I refuse to give them the power to hurt me anymore.

~~~~~~~reopening for a brief appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~

still alive, still kickin, still doin my thing

just so my faithful readers don't think i've disappeared completely ~ I'm still standin
~~~closing down for the holidays~~~

and who knows how long the holidays may last?
I have become a blog slacker. I feel quite bad about it, but half of the stuff going on in my life is definitely not for public consumption ~ no one would believe it anyway. Screaming matches with evil step sisters, one of whom demands a meeting to talk about "things" and when I ask what those things might be, she replies "JUST THINGS!" in an extremely snotty tone. Well, forgive the crap out of me for asking. Geez. And then I'm not supposed to think they're ganging up on me? When they all know what these THINGS are but I can't be told?

On a lighter note. I went to see not one, but two plays the other night. A high school Shakespeare festival was going on, so we got tickets to Julius Caesar, which I had never seen, and to As You Like It, which I had never read or seen. We sat nearly on the stage, it was wonderful, the kids did a great job and we had a wonderful time. Got home at about 11:30 and started downloading music for a CD, groups I…